Solar-powered Steca PF 166-H chest refrigerator receives Global Leap Award 2019

Steca PF166-H
Memmingen – Those who are setting new standards in energy efficiency and climate friendliness whilst also supporting households and companies without (proper) access to energy supply deserve recognition. KATEK Memmingen GmbH received the Global Leap Award 2019 for its Steca PF 166-H chest refrigerator.

When it introduced the Steca PF 166-H and Steca PF 240-H models, the all-round electronics expert set a new benchmark for off-grid refrigeration units. The chest refrigerators have already been switched to using the R290 refrigerant, making them even more climate-friendly. The PF 166-H only needs 60 watt hours per day, meaning that it consumes considerably less energy than conventional chest refrigerators. It also offers the best value for money. The winning product, PF 166-H, uses a variable speed compressor. Automatic speed adjustment of the power is able to reduce and save energy and therefore emissions.

“From an ecological point of view, the use of natural refrigerants is rapidly expanding worldwide. Regulations prohibiting the use of certain environmentally harmful refrigerants have also come into force in several countries. Steca has taken on the challenge of using a powerful natural refrigerant that does not damage the ozone layer and has virtually no impact on global warming.”

The Global LEAP Awards, an initiative from the Efficiency for Access Coalition with the support of UK Aid and Power Africa, is an international competition that identifies and promotes the world's best and most energy-efficient off-grid refrigerators for compatibility with off-grid solar systems.
“This award provides both motivation and confirmation that we are making an important contribution to climate protection with our products while also ensuring quality of life for people all across the world.”
As an electronics service provider, KATEK Memmingen GmbH has been synonymous with ideas and innovations for over 40 years. As a solar and energy specialist with 750 employees and plants in Memmingen and Bulgaria, KATEK Memmingen GmbH is part of KATEK – leading manufacturer of electronic units and devices. The group, currently consisting of six companies with ten production locations in Europe, guarantees safety and stability in growing and promising markets. The 2,300 employees of KATEK develop, produce and distribute customised and market-oriented solutions that provide new inspiration every day. As part of the PRIMEPULSE Group, KATEK has acces to an international network and has established a solid foundation for strategic growth.

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