Steca refrigerator and freezer chests in Senegal

Bonergie Solarladen
Our solar Steca refrigerator and freezer chest is ideal for domestic use as well as for supermarkets, petrol stations and kiosks. The Steca chest refrigerator allows ice cubes to be produced even at extremely high outdoor temperatures.
The PFs also make perfect economic sense. State-of-the-art cooling technology ensures exemplary low power consumption. The highly efficient cooling components guarantee a long service life and reliable operation for many years.
The Steca PF chest refrigerator and chest freezer is even helping women run their own businesses in remote areas that do not have access to the electricity grid. They sell chilled products such as ice cream, drinks, as well as frozen chicken or fish. The interior of the chest is fitted with robust, high-quality shelves to clearly present the goods. The rounded corners on the inside make cleaning quick and easy. The cooling quality of the equipment plays an important role in maintaining freshness and hygiene in any area that uses food on a daily basis in the professional sector.
06 Afrika PF
A Bonergie energy kiosk in an unelectrified village in Senegal. The aim of the social enterprise is to provide access to renewable energy to help create and support small and medium-sized enterprises in rural areas.
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