KATEK Memmingen GmbH: Steca inverters connect solar and e-mobility in Nordic countries

20201207 Skandinavien
Memmingen, 8 December 2020: Steca inverters from KATEK Memmingen GmbH, one of Europe's leading electronics service providers, are being increasingly used in Northern Europe for integrating photovoltaics and e-mobility. PV system operators that use Steca devices can enjoy decentralised and flexible consumption of their self-generated solar power by combining the inverters with cloud solutions from charging infrastructure providers. No separate memory storage is required here. The Steca design is also particularly well suited for installation in the typical residential buildings found in northern Europe.

Data exchange for decentralised use of self-generated solar power

Charging station operators such as the Finnish company Fortum Aurinkolataus, are making it possible for PV system owners to use their surplus electricity for e-mobility with a decentralised approach. To do so, they use the inverter and a grid meter to record how much solar power is generated and how much is fed into the grid after subtracting self-consumption. This energy credit can then be used flexibly at the company's public charging stations. Steca inverters are often used for these types of models due to their compatibility with the energy cloud.

“By connecting our Steca inverters to the Energy Cloud, we are enabling PV system operators to become flexible pro-sumers without the need for their own storage. That’s why powerful interfaces are a standard feature of our devices,” says Daniel Dengler, Sales Manager Solar & Energy at KATEK Memmingen GmbH. “Instead of feeding the excess green electricity into the grid, they are able to use it themselves for their electric vehicles. This not only allows them to save money, but also to drive using self-generated energy.”

Cooling concept and grid compatibility broaden areas of application

When inverters are installed in close proximity to residential areas – as is the case in Nordic countries – it is important for them to operate as quietly as possible. Here, Steca inverters achieve particularly low values of around 30 dB in regular operation. That corresponds roughly to the ticking of a wristwatch. This value is achieved by the coolcept topology from KATEK Memmingen GmbH, which enables heat dissipation of all components via a single circuit board using an encapsulated and dust-protected fan.

The coolcept design also makes it possible to construct robust and lightweight housing. They simplify installation as well as the flexible length adjustment, and they can be used to adapt the devices to grid operator specifications.


KATEK is a group of internationally active companies and is one of the leading electronics service providers in Europe. With its approximately 2,400 employees at locations in Germany and Eastern Europe, the KATEK Group generates a turnover of around 350 million euros. Its range of services covers the entire life cycle of electronic assemblies and devices, from development and materials to project management, production, testing technology, logistics and after-sales service.

Steca has been a KATEK Memmingen GmbH product brand since 2019. The division develops and produces high-end power electronics for grid inverters and energy storage systems as well as control technology for photovoltaic systems and fuel cell systems. With a history stretching back 40 years, it is one of the pioneers of the renewable energy industry in Germany. Its manufacturing and development expertise spanning over many years is reflected in products that are distinguished by their high quality and excellent price-performance ratio. The production sites are located in Memmingen (headquarters) and Düsseldorf in Germany and Saedinenie in Bulgaria.
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