Energy and feed-in management

The inverters of the coolcept and coolcept³ family have a Modbus RTU interface to which a Modbus energy meter can be connected.

The feeding power can be limited as desired or even completely suppressed. The maximum power to be fed into the grid can be conveniently set in watts on the inverter display. This allows for compliance with, for example, the 70% limit. Control is very fast thanks to communication via Modbus RTU.

Several pre-programmed energy meters make installation quick and easy: all you have to do is select the appropriate type of energy meter on the inverter.

This means that the coolcept inverters provide a simple feed-in management solution with the simplest and most cost-effective approach, made possible without the need for any additional accessories.

This solution is optimised for systems with one inverter. If several inverters are used for each system or if additional functions are required, the StecaGrid SEM (Smart Energy Manager) is used.
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