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Fresh water controller

Powerful technology for maximum comfort
Heating drinking water in a hygienic and energy-efficient process is the task of the demand-dependent fresh water technology. It considerably reduces the risk of germination and legionella proliferation.

When fresh water is drawn off, the fresh water controller detects this and causes the unloading pump to draw hot water from the buffer tank via the plate heat exchanger. The plate heat exchanger heats the water using the flow heater principle. The fresh water controller controls the pump speed of the unloading pump so that the hot water temperature is kept constant at the set value, even when the amount of water withdrawn changes.

This intelligent control system ensures low return temperatures to the buffer cylinder and unrestricted hot water comfort.

The fresh water technology ideally complements every heating system that uses buffer cylinders, e.g. solar thermal systems, wood boilers, heat pumps and water heating stoves.

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