Grid inverters

coolcept inverters for single-family houses and residential buildings
The coolcept product family is divided into the single-phase coolcept inverters and the three-phase coolcept³ inverters. Both inverter types are based on the proven coolcept topology and are therefore exceptionally cool, efficient and durable. They achieve the highest efficiency levels and are also extremely lightweight and quiet.

Single-phase inverters
The coolcept and coolcept fleX inverters feed into single-phase power grids. With the proven coolcept topology, they make single-phase grid feeding even more efficient. There are also numerous options for system monitoring.

Three-phase inverters
The coolcept³ and coolcept fleX XL inverters are specially designed for three-phase power grids. With three-phase inverters, energy is fed into the grid on at least two phases at all times. The need for intermediate energy storage in the unit is therefore greatly reduced, which has a positive effect on the service life. The coolcept³topology is based on the previous coolcept inverters and works at the same efficiency level.

Solar power makes you independent

Independent of price agreements between large energy producers. Independent of national energy policies for the export of conventional energy sources.

Decentralised photovoltaics

Solar power is generated at the place it is consumed. In other words: no energy loss and no transmission or distribution costs!

Simply generate your own electricity!

In addition to typical single-family houses, garages and carports, the roofs of residential building are also suitable for electricity generation. The electricity is distributed regionally in the residential area via the low-voltage grid. Solutions adapted to the individual situation are required in this case. Optimal yield with straightforward maintenance and handling are criteria that matter to operators.

The topic of self-consumption is also gaining momentum. For PV system operators, self-generated PV electricity is sometimes cheaper than electricity from the grid.
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