StecaGrid Control


StecaGrid Control monitors a system with the maximum power of 3,600 watts.

Due to the applicable standards, the use of a StecaGrid Control D1 with grid monitoring function (ENS) and integrated residual current circuit breaker is always mandatory in Germany, Austria or France, for example. In countries without impedance monitoring such as the Netherlands, StecaGrid Control N is used.

The front display of the StecaGrid Control shows the amount of energy produced by the MiniString inverters and displays the status of the system.



  • Text LC display
  • for energy yield


  • Main switch


  •  StecaGrid Control certificate CE - SG Comtrol N1 · pdf · 0.000 MB
  •  StecaGrid Control productdatasheet DE · pdf · 0,384 MB
  •  StecaGrid Control productdatasheet EN · pdf · 0.389 MB
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