Stecamat 210

Processor-controlled 10x charger and trickle charger for lead batteries including Steca BAS


Batteries are often only used temporarily or seasonally. If lead batteries are not charged for several weeks or months, their capacity decreases and permanent damage can occur. With the Stecamat 210, up to ten lead-acid batteries can be handled individually.

Thanks to the processor-controlled charging procedure with voltage, current and time regulation, your batteries are charged gently for each of the ten channels. Equalisation charging with long life cycle is carried out weekly. This ensures the ideal state of charge for the batteries in trickle charging, even over a long period of time. The rotary switch can be used to call up the charging status of each individual battery on the display.

The extensive equipment ensures maximum flexibility in use. A battery connection system (BAS) for ten batteries can be supplied. This equipment and the easy operation ensure seamless operation.

Stecamat 210 technische Zeichnung


Product features

  • Optimal for charging batteries with liquid electrolyte and gel / absorbed electrolyte (AGM)
  • Charging below the gassing voltage
  • Battery performance is maintained over years
  • Minimal electrolyte loss (no maintenance work)
  • The current and voltage values of every battery can be individually accessed
  • Replaceable battery connection cables with battery pliers
  • Hanging rack for unused battery connection cables
  • Integrated IO card for ventilation control in accordance with DIN EN 50272

Electronic protection functions

  • Protection in the case of wrong or damaged batteries
  • Battery overcharge protection
  • Charger output protected against short circuits, reverse polarity and overvoltage


  • 3-digit 7-segment LED display
  • for voltage, current, battery number
  • 5 LEDs show operating states
  • for charging (pre-charging), trickle charging, long life cycle, piping error, battery fault


  • Mains grid switch
  • Battery selection via rotary switch
  • Charge stop via switch


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Technical data

Charging rated voltage
10 x 12 V
Charge current
10 x 1 A
End-of-charge voltage
14.4 V
Trickle charge voltage
13.8 V
Characteristic curve
10 x IU
Grid voltage
230 V AC ±10 %
Frequency range
50 Hz
Mains electricity (230 V)
0.8 A
Discharge current during grid failure
1.0 mA
Protection class
metal, coated
Degree of protection
IP 21
Ambient temperature
-20 °C … +40 °C
Cooling principle
Dimensions (X x Y x Z)
360 x 512 x 220 mm
Dimensions Steca BAS-10 (X x Y x Z)
2000 x 200 x 108 mm
13.0 kg
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