Stecamat 102

Processor-controlled charger for lead batteries


The Stecamat 102 battery charger is available in 12 V and 24 V with a rated power of 570 W to 860 W, also with automatic switching. The charger is intended as a mobile tabletop device.

The processor-controlled charging process ensures gentle and quick charging for your battery. By setting the nominal capacity, the current, voltage, time and ideal monitoring of your battery can be individually adjusted. This also allows pre-damaged or deeply discharged batteries to be treated, making a long service life possible with the Stecamat 102. Clear, large and illuminated displays provide you with quick information about the charging status.

The extensive equipment and the solutions tailored to your application ensure maximum flexibility in use. This equipment and the easy operation, even with gloves, ensure seamless operation.


Product features

  • Half the charging time compared to simple, non-controlled chargers with the same rated current
  • Optimal for charging batteries with liquid electrolyte and gel / absorbed electrolyte (AGM)
  • Adjustable rated capacity determines the charging current
  • Suitable for totally discharged batteries
  • Constant battery operational readiness through integrated trickle charge
  • Ready for operation in just a few minutes
  • Charging below the gassing voltage
  • Optimal charging of damaged batteries
  • Individually programmed upon request

Electronic protection functions

  • Protection in the case of wrong or damaged batteries
  • Battery overcharge protection
  • Charger output protected against short circuits, reverse polarity and overvoltage


  • 3-digit 7-segment LED display
  • for voltage, current, charged capacity
  • 5 LEDs show operating states
  • for charging (pre-charging) recharging, trickle charging, piping error, battery fault


  • Mains grid switch
  • Adjustable rated capacity via rotary switch


  • Fault message
  • IO card
  • Data communication card
  • Steca ventilation system in accordance with DIN EN 50272


  •  Stecamat 102 productdatasheet DE · pdf · 0,901 MB
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  •  Stecamat 102 product pic 3D · jpg, 300 DPI, high quality · 0.111 MB
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