StecaGrid Remote

Remote system monitoring for StecaGrid 300 and StecaGrid 500


In addition to the StecaGrid Control I1, an external wireless remote display unit is available: StecaGrid Remote.

It displays additional values compared to the StecaGrid Control I1, such as the current power, the system status and the amount of energy generated during the day, week, month and year. The values are conveniently forwarded via the yellow control button.

The wireless connection to the StecaGrid Control I1 means that the remote display can be installed in a location where the data can also be conveniently read. While the inverters are doing their work in the garage or cellar, for example, the user can keep an eye on the current values in the study.



  • Text LC display
  • for current output and energy yields


  •  StecaGrid Remote productdatasheet DE · pdf · 0,262 MB
  •  StecaGrid Remote productdatasheet EN · pdf · 0.267 MB
  •  StecaGrid Remote product pic 3D · jpg, 300 DPI, high quality · 0.830 MB
  •  StecaGrid Remote product pic 3D · jpg, 72 DPI, web quality · 0.198 MB
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