StecaGrid Re-Configurator 1.0

Design programme for inverter replacement


The StecaGrid Re-Configurator 1.0 provides ideal support in the search for a replacement device. This can be used to find the right replacement unit for a defective inverter. It is also possible to increase the yield of an existing system by using a more efficient inverter. The data of more than 2000 inverter types from different manufacturers are stored to aid in this calculation.

Easy to use

The only information that needs to be entered is the manufacturer, type and number of the existing inverters, and the installation location. The programme then calculates the best alternatives from the current Steca product portfolio. Only the values that are displayed in red still need to be checked by the installer.

The free StecaGrid Re-Configurator 1.0 is ideally tailored to the needs of installers. It is an innovative and user-friendly online application. No programme needs to be downloaded or installed for the application.


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