StecaGrid Configurator 3.3

Software for system design


The current version of the StecaGrid Configurator, which offers a number of improvements as compared to the previous version, enables even more professional planning of photovoltaic systems.

One of the new features is the integration of the 70 percent control for design conditions where the output power is only 70% of the module power. The Cos Phi (1.00; 0.95 or 0.90) can be selected to take the reactive power into account. The system planner can also specify the minimum and maximum module temperature. The number of modules in the selected system configuration can be subsequently changed. The effects on system values and the yield as well as excessive values for input parameters are clearly displayed.

The version works independently and provides a comfortable user interface. Four options are available to specify the size of the photovoltaic system after selecting a module type. For this purpose, the modules stored in a large database can be filtered according to certain criteria. If the desired module is not stored in the database, a few modules can be added to the programme. After that, the inverters are selected according to various specifications such as the installation location and the AC or DC nominal power.

The calculated electricity production costs serve as the standard selection criterion. To determine this information, different values are included in the programme for system planning costs, for modules, cabling, mounting systems, etc. The project planning company can store its customer data and a company logo, which will appear on the printouts. For the forecasts of the annual energy yield, 100 locations in Europe with irradiation data can be selected.

With the forecast annual energy yield and the values for the discount factor and the runtime that can also be edited, the costs at which the system produces the electricity can ultimately be calculated precisely in cents per kilowatt hour. At a glance, the power generation costs show whether it is more economical to occupy the respective inverter with one more solar module or one fewer. The parts list with the required parts, the circuit diagram and a summary of the project data guarantee professional preparation for sales talks with customers.

German, English, French, Italian and Spanish can be selected for the menu navigation language in the programme.


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