Steca SVE-822

Parking space supply unit with process-controlled chargers for lead batteries


The parking space supply unit SVE-822 consists of an aluminium column with one (SVE-822-E) or two (SVE-822-D) chargers. Up to two vehicles can be charged simultaneously and independently of each other. The connection of the bus to an optional bus information module (BIM) also allows identification of the respective vehicle as well as heating control and query of the ignition status. This is particularly relevant for bus depots. Via the RS485 interface, these data can be managed centrally and individual parameters can be changed. Due to the processor-controlled charging process, the batteries are charged gently and quickly.

Steca SVE 822 technische Zeichnung


Product features

  • Aluminium housing with lockable front flap
  • Half the charging time compared to simple, non-controlled chargers with the same rated current
  • Optimal for charging batteries with liquid electrolyte and gel / absorbed electrolyte (AGM)
  • Suitable for totally discharged batteries
  • Constant battery operational readiness through integrated trickle charge
  • Charging below the gassing voltage
  • Optimal charging of damaged batteries
  • Communication with bus identification module for vehicle identification, heating control and query of ignition status
  • Interface for bidirectional communication

Electronic protection functions

  • Protection in the case of wrong or damaged batteries
  • Battery overcharge protection
  • Charger output protected against short circuits, reverse polarity and overvoltage


  • Multi-coloured LED shows operating states


  • Mains grid switch
  • Charging parameters adjustable via RS485


  • RS-485 for connection to the depot management software


  • Spacer plate to compensate uneven foundations


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Technical data

Charging rated voltage
24 V
2 x 24 V
Charge current
20 A
2 x 20 A
End-of-charge voltage
27.6 V
Trickle charge voltage
27.2 V
Characteristic curve
2 x UoIUoIU
Grid voltage
230 V AC ±10 %
Frequency range
50 Hz (45 Hz … 65 Hz)
Mains electricity (230 V)
4.0 A
8.0 A
Discharge current during grid failure
1.0 mA
2.0 mA
Protection class
Degree of protection
IP 44
Ambient temperature
-20 °C … +60 °C
Cooling principle
regulated fan
Dimensions (X x Y x Z)
385 x 225 x 1500 mm
35.0 kg
41.0 kg
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