Corporate philosophy

Fair partnerships and transparent communication

As an electronics service provider (EMS provider) and manufacturer of Steca brand product lines, Kontron Solar GmbH has a long-standing reputation for its novel ideas and innovations.
We create and offer customised electronic products of impressive quality for global markets thanks to our sense of personal responsibility and skilled competence.
Simple business processes, fair partnerships and transparent communication are what make us mutually successful.

Flexible. Fast. Reliable.

Optimal customer care is an important mark of quality of the company. Important factors here include flexibility, speed and reliability. The team attaches great importance to being accessible to you at all times in order to foster a healthy working relationship between you and the development, logistics and production departments.

Our goal: Excellence in business

Our approach: improving one step further every day with ELAN.

Together with our employees, we work towards continuous improvement: for leaner processes, more goal-oriented collaborations, better problem-solving skills and more attractive products.

By constantly re-examining and adjusting, we learn more and more while also making great improvements through standardisation and enhancements. There is no single area of our company that is left out in this process, be it production, administration or development.

Well thought out without getting lost in the details, we quickly put ideas into practice. This also helps us to achieve better and better solutions.


You can find all there is to know about our sustainability activities here:
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