StecaGrid 8000 3ph and StecaGrid 10000 3ph

Always symmetrical


The advantage of three-phase feed-in is that the solar power produced is always distributed symmetrically on all three grid conductors to the public grid. This is the case with these inverters over the entire power range. When planning the system, this eliminates the need to avoid an asymmetry of more than 4.6 kW, which is sometimes time-consuming, by selecting individual inverters accordingly. Symmetrical feed-in is entirely in the interest of the energy supply companies. That makes lengthy discussions with these companies a thing of the past.

Long service life

Single-phase inverters have to temporarily store all of the energy supplied by the solar modules in the unit while the voltage passes through zero on the grid-feeding phase. This is usually done by electrolytic capacitors. These components affect the service life of an electronic device due to their possibility of drying out.

In three-phase inverters, on the other hand, energy is fed into the grid on at least two phases at all times. The need for intermediate energy storage in the unit is therefore greatly reduced, which has a positive effect for the system operator in terms of the prospect of a longer service life.

Flexible connection

Due to the wide input voltage range of 350 V to 845 V and a maximum input current of 27 or 32 A, all common crystalline solar modules can be connected to the inverters in various configurations. In addition, there are approvals for operation with certain CdTe and CIS/CIGS thin-film modules. Three or five plug/socket pairs are available for the flexible, mechanical DC connection.

Easy handling

Despite their high power, the inverters are suitable for wall mounting. Thanks to the high protection class, the inverters can be used both indoors and outdoors. The integrated DC switch reduces the installation effort and shortens the installation time. It is not necessary to open the inverter during installation.

Flexible system planning

The combination of the StecaGrid 8000 3ph and the StecaGrid 10000 3ph enables the ideal design for virtually any power class. There are numerous possible combinations that all have one goal in common: the effective use of solar radiation.


StecaGrid 8000 3ph and StecaGrid 10000 3ph have a 5-year guarantee. The guarantee period can optionally be extended to 10 years.


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